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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

The planning of a wedding for some can be an exciting and wonderful time putting all their skills of organisation and negotiation into overdrive. For others it can be a very daunting time not knowing where to start and can be filled with dread of selecting the wrong supplier.

Well in order to assist you in your quest we have below a guide on selecting the correct Wedding Photographer for you. This is a very important part of your day as it your photographer who with capture all those memorable moments you will look upon and cherish for a lifetime.

So where do you start?


Firstly you need to do some detective work.

The best place to start is the internet as you can browse at leisure without obligation at photographers work.

A close second are wedding fayres as here you can browse through lots of local suppliers work, meet the photographers themselves and talk turkey!


Secondly from browsing through suppliers you will have probably naturally gravitated towards a style you love. And there are so many to choose from nowadays from traditional photography, contemporary modern photography through to vintage and retro styles. We would advise however to try and pick a photographer that has the ability to take both traditional and modern styles as this combination will mean those family shots if required are still ones you will love for years to come.

Its also a good idea to try and match the style of photography you love with the type of wedding you are planning for consistency and explore other possibilities of photography that are offered as many photographers offer engagement photography and pre wedding shoots.


Meeting with your photographer(s) is as important as the quality of their work as you need to feel comfortable working with them in order for them to capture you at your best and have the ability to get the hoards of aunties, uncles and kiddies to stand in formation without being a tyrant! If you choose a photographer whose work you love but who you don’t gel with this will spell a potential disaster! If they can’t make you laugh and smile those relaxed natural shots just simply won’t turn out right.

You and your photographer are going to spend alot of time together on your special day so having a rapport with them is super important!


From meeting your potential photographer (s) you can delve a little deeper into the quality of their work in terms of the type of equipment they use and how they achieve the quality of the finished photographs along with how they work overall.

Ideally you would want to select a photographer that relies more on their photography skills than photoshop and editing skills as this will generate the best pictures.

Its also a good idea to also ask the following:

What are the delivery timescales after the wedding?

How will your photographs be showed to me for selection? i.e email, proofs, online gallery etc

Will they guide you in picking the final pictures?

What are the album options?

Can you buy a disc from them without copyright?

How easy is it for friends and family to view and buy? Is there an online gallery?

How much are duplicate prints?


One of the most important aspects of your decision making process is budget as you can find the perfect photographer but if they out of your budget it will just put extra pressure on your finances.

Most photographers nowadays offer package options so they can offer a broad range of packages to suit a variety of budgets so if you have got your heart set on a particular photographer its much better to lower the included prints in the package and the length of time they are with you and look to buy more images as an when you can afford than choosing a photographer who isn’t what you want just to give you a larger album within your budget.

We wish you all the best in your quest to find the perfect photographer

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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer
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